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November 1, 2010
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Terminatin' by Geewrecks Terminatin' by Geewrecks
He's gonna trash its little red lights.

You may want to download to see the details in all their glorious high-resolution.

That one was one hell of a ride... Let's just state that I started it in May 2009, if you couldn't tell by the year-old movie and meme that inspired this... :P Taking out my 3rd year of college, when I didn't worked at all on it, it still took a good 6 months to complete it. And to say that I wanted to do it before the release of Terminator: Salvation...

I wanted it to be a fun little project, but I soon wanted to add more and more details, and as it became apparent that I wouldn't finish it by the end of May '09, I decided to perfect it to the maximum. At the end, it was a real test of patience and motivation, and I think I learned a lot, not only by creating the image itself, but by completing a long and difficult project like this. And this is the kind of project where it takes so long because you always, always find a flaw to correct.

And you know what's sad? Had I watched the movie before, I probably wouldn't even have started this... The movie was okay, but the ending... Damn...

The T-700's pose is awkward on purpose, as I wanted it to resemble the T-1000 from Terminator 2, when it's running. There's still stuff I don't like about it, like its head that is too small, it's too large hands, or the fact that John Connor's M4 is perfectly facing the viewer, with no angle at all. By the way, does it look like Christian Bale? Anyways, enjoy!

Special thanks to Hot Toys and various figure collectors around the world, as your photos of these awesome pieces: [link] [link] really saved me.

Camouflage texture on Connor's pants: [link]

And finally, the obligatory song to listen while looking at this: [link]
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T-700: Aww C'mon! I said I was sorry!
John: Say that before you guide me to the security drone!
T-700: It'll be a one time thing! I swear!
John: Run Robot RUN!
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This is a relationship... In it's terminal state... :iconimhappyplz:
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haha terminator away!
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